The European College of Sport Science (ECSS) is the leading association of sport scientists at the European level and practices extensive co-operation with corresponding non-European associations. Following its objectives the ECSS offers a wide range of sport scientific publications as well as an extensive fund of benefits to promote and foster sport science on a multinational level.

The ECSS Congress is the most important interdisciplinary sport science congress in Europe, attracting up to 3,000 scientists each summer. It provides an ideal platform for networking and academic exchange in the spirit of the ECSS – share your knowledge. Scientific outcomes are collected in the European Database of Sport Science (EDSS). During the annual ECSS Congress the best young academics are awarded in the Young Investigators Award (YIA).

With ten issues a year the European Journal of Sport Science (EJSS) covers hot topics on an international and interdisciplinary level including the ECSS Position Statements. These function as guidelines for exercise in relation to health, injury and disease in consultation with scholars, medical doctors, coaches, athletes as well as public authorities.

Consistent updates of the European Vacancies of Sport Science (EVSS) as well as the European Events of Sport Science (EESS) are essential tools for career development and planing the academic year.

Year round the ECSS keeps in touch with a wide international audience by frequently published ECSS Media Releases.

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