At ECSS Malmö 2015 ECSS celebrates its 20th anniversary. Many amazing moments fit to the 20 years of ECSS history and we would be delighted to hear about your memories and share them with the global ECSS family.

In the late 20th Century ECSS was a small scientific society with a handful of members and contributors. The growth of the association has been staggering and today we are providing benefits and career opportunities for over 2 500 members worldwide, not to mention the reach of the annual congress. The growth of the ECSS is thanks to all of you and the colleagues who have been very committed to the values and the mission ECSS supports.

For the 20th anniversary celebration we have created Flickr albums for the previous congresses. Please take a look at the impressive image collection here. In addition, and ECSS YouTube Channel provide you with clips and videos from the past congresses.

Are you interested to know where are they former ECSS YIA Winners ended up and what did it for them to win the ECSS YIA Award? Please find their thoughts here.

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We will create a collage of your comments below. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Media & Communication Manager
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Happy birthday ECSS and keep up the good work! I enjoy the society and the conferences because you give a very broad, scientific perspective on sport science. I also enjoy the involvement of young scientists in your society and I think it is great to give them this opportunity.

Miriam Klous, YIA Winner 2007

An outstanding organisation, providing one of the best conferences worldwide in Sport Science. Buon Compleanno ECSS!

Martino Franchi, MRes, PhD

Your years are now in the double digits, I hope your influence spread to sub Sahara Africa as you approach tripple digits birthday celebrations. Happy Birthday.

Tunde Oyebode

Happy Birthday and I hope that you continue your great work of supporting young scientists in their pursuit of knowledge and innovation in the exercise and sport science domain.

Regina Crameri, YIA Winner 2000

Happy birthday to the ECSS. You did very well in the two decades. I hope that you can continue to give sport scientists a global stage to present the high quality research forever.

Xinyan Zheng, YIA Winner 2014

Congratulations on the past 20 years of excellence in sport and exercise science, here's too many more! Thank you for the support and opportunities you have provided.

Stuart Goodall, Northumbria University

Happy birthday and I wish you the next succesful 20 years!

Stefan Hochstein, YIA Winner 2013

Keep promoting excellence among the future leaders of sport science!

Vincent Martin, Université Clermont Auvergne, YIA Winner 2006

Congratualtions! Keep on going to support young investigators!

Marko Laaksonen, YIA Winner 2002

Dear ECSS, congratulation and stay as you are! Just keep it scientific and familial because that is what I liked the most. Easy getting in touch with researchers and enjoy high level networking.

Vera Abeln, YIA Winner 2006 and 2010

Thanks for all the interesting activities and good luck!

Thue Kvorning, Danish Elite Sport Institution, YIA Winner 1999

I wish all ECSS members an outstanding productivity and new discoveries in sport science.

Ildus Ahmetov, Director Sport Technology Research Centre, YIA Winner 2007

In the current era of physical inactivity and lifestyle related illness; the work of ECSS is as significant, if not more so, than it has ever been. Congratulations of 20 years of high quality research, long may it continue.

Tor Sprung, YIA 2011

Happy Birthday ECSS, long may it continue!

Sam Vine, YIA Winner 2011

Happy Birthday to the ECSS, I wish you to grow more and more in future years, and thank you for making us traveling and meeting every year in a different country! You're like Nokia for cellphones: "connecting people"!

Sidney Grospêtre, YIA Winner 2014

Congratulations to everyone who has helped the ECSS to thrive over its first 20 years...looking forward to 20 more!

Neil Cronin, YIA Winner 2008

Live long and prosper.

Jaimie McPhee, YIA Winner 2008

Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of "you" to the scientists all over the world -  Happy Birthday!

Kathrin Freyler, YIA Winner 2013

Family of Sport Sciences is lively and encouraging, happy birthday!

Arto Laukkanen, YIA Winner 2014

Happy Birthday ECSS! Please continue to inspire young and old sports scientists alike!

Jos Vanrenterghem, YIA Winner 1997

Happy birthday ECSS and let the 20 years come with even more success!

Dimitrios Patikas, YIA Winner 2002

Happy 20th Birthday, keep up inspiring and developing all our young talents.

Lars L. Andersen, National Research Centre for the Working Environment, YIA Winner 2003

Our era of physical inactivity needs the ECSS to fullfill a leading role in promoting sport science and keep their focus on stimulating young talented researchers.

Dick Thijssen, YIA Winner 2008

ECSS is absolutely on the right track. Please stay "Yours in Sport Science" also for the next 20 years!

Markus Gruber, YIA Winner 2000

Well done on reaching your 20th birthday and good luck over the next 20 years. I hope you continue to inspire more young scientists to address important research questions using innovative techniques.

Keith Tolfrey, YIA Winner 1998

ECSS Congresses were born in Nice, the city I'm now working in, and I really think it is a major contributor to Sport Science in Europe and in the World, expecially for students. Joyeux Anniversaire!

Jean-Benoit Morin, YIA Winner 2003

Happy birthday! May it always be as nice, if not, more than before!

Johanna Johannsson, YIA Winner 2014

Keep up the effort to ensure that exercise science receives the attention that it deserves.

Labros Sidossis, YIA Winner 1997

Dear ECSS, I wish you all the best and keep up the great work! Looking forward to meeting you in Malmö.

Uros Marusic, ECSS YIA Winner 2013

Fabulous organisation and fabulous conference. I truly appreciate your support and the fact you value past award winners.

Andy Lane, ECSS YIA Winner 1998

Happy birthday ECSS! Thank you for a really nice award. Regards from Chile!

Carlos Henriquez Olguín, ECSS YIA Winner 2014

I can't help myself speaking feelingly when reminding of this 1995 february meeting of a group of scientists in Nice to whom can be attributed the birth of the ECSS: Professors J. Camy, J-P Clarys, M. Hebbelinck, V. Klissouras, P. Komi, J-R Lacour, P. Marconnet, J. Mester, T. Reilly, B. Saltin... I am proud to say "I was there" but profoundly affected by the disparition of some of them. I could find out four pictures of these moments when creation of the college was decided and the launching in 1995 december of the first annual meeting in Nice to be held the following year.

Prof. Pierre Marconnet, ECSS Founding Member

Dear Colleagues, Congratulations for the 20th anniversary of contribution in spreading the knowledge of Sports Science.

Prof. Dr. Gisele Maria Schwartz, UNESP - Rio Claro

20 years with former students, and now: "new generation"! We'll stay with you until 100th ceremony!

Mahdi Shariati Feizabadi, University of Tehran

On occasion of 20th anniversary of ECSS please accept my congratulation and best wishes.

Farhad MORADI SHAHPAR, FINA Sports Medicine Committee Member

Happy anniversary ECSS thanks for all!

Luis Alfonso Pelaez Argueta